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Last Day of Teacher Appreciation Week

Bring on the 1980s (Cliche, but how great was our childhoods?)

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The last day of Teacher Appreciation Week was a free day. You were invited to send in a gift or note of your own choosing. I splurged a bit of my budget on my last day gift and purchased miniature Care Bear plushies:

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How adorable are these mini Care Bears? Here's a template for the tag I used if - for some reason - you ever give a Care Bear gift to a teacher.

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In terms of my own happiness, Teacher Appreciation Week has been a success. Less selfishly, it seems to have made the teachers happy too because they added a little thank you note to JJ's daily report card. Okay, it's not really a report card in the "I graded him" sense. It's more about what he ate, what types of toys he played with, if I need to send in extra diapers, etc.

So goodbye to Teacher Appreciation Week until we meet again this time next year!